US Mail Order Shops(contact us to get your shop listed)
The Party Source, KY

Highland Distilleries
Ben Nevis Distillery

Lowland Distilleries
The Bladnoch Distillery

Sweden Distilleries
Box Distillery– The future of new malt whisky may have been born.

Brokers Gin

Cumbrae Supply Company

Industry Resources
Amercian Distilling Institute

Middle Eastern Entertainment
Zahara’s Tangled Web home of the Wild Scotsman’s Better half.

Motorcycle Shops
Cinn City Choppers Come and see the Wild Scotsman Whisky Bike in the Show room!
West Coast Harley- Glasgow, Scotland I love to grab a shirt or two on every trip!

Whisky Bars
Piper’s Pub -Pittsburgh, PA Ask for a Wild Scotsman and an Irish Breakfast!
Nicholson’s Tavern and Pub -Cincinnati, OH
Bladnoch InnThe only Pub directly accross the street from a Distillery!

Wing’s Restaurant -The best whisky bar in the state of Ohio and most people do not even know it exists. This is truely an underground experience. Who knows I may be there right now having a dram.

Linday Grieve– I have not personally sampled the Haggis from all corners of Scotland, however, I never miss an opportunity to have one made by Lindsay Grieve.
Alec Bradley-Many thanks for a great event and a good smoke!
Carlos Torano Cigars– Exodus 1959 Torpedo is one of my favorites from the line.
CAO Cigars– rock-n-roll of cigar brands. The La Traviata is one I never turn down.
Rocky Patel Cigar– Many thanks to Rocky for selecting the “Patel Bros” Robusto for me. Big smoke in a small package.
Comacho Cigars– Cannot go wrong with the Comacho Corojo or Comacho Coyolar Titan
Joya De Nicaragua Cigars– Joya De Nicaragua ANTAÑO 1970 Belicoso is a big cigar for a big day.

Cigar Shops
Cigar Rights of America join the CRA and tell them Ambassador 195 sent you!
Straus Tobacconist-Cincinnati, Ohio
House of Cigar-Columbus, Ohio
The Warf-Beavercreek, Ohio
The Party Source-Bellvue, KY
Casa De Montecristo-Countryside, IL

Blogs and Blog Talk Radio
Frank The Body Guard-he’s the VP of sales for Veritas Cigars and hosts his own cigar, whisky, and women chasing discussions every Saturday on his internet radio show.