The Wharf 30th Anniversary Cigar & Scotch Event

The Wharf 30th Anniversary Cigar & Scotch Event
by Jeffrey Topping

Come join the Wild Scotsman and Miguel Schoedel of Torano Cigars to help celebrate 30 years for the Wharf -without piers cigar shop in Beavercreek, OH. Torano will feature a Wild Scotsman favorite, The Exodus 1959 cigar.

Gold Medal Winner

We will be pouring for those of legal age a 1/4 oz sampling of our Ohio approved brands:
Wild Scotsman Black Label aka the Cigar malt (OH-9606B)
Blend No. 888 (OH-0950B)
Wild Scotsman 12yr Royal Lochnagar Single Cask Single Malt (OH-9607B)
Wild Scotsman 15yr Vatted Malt Scotch Whisky (OH-9605B)

**please visit your local Ohio retailer for a bottle

The Wharf
3464 Pentagon Park Blvd
Beavercreek, OH 45431
RSVP: (937) 426-0633
Time: 1600 to 2000/hrs

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