The Toledo Club Scotch and Cigar Night

The Toledo Club Scotch and Cigar Night
by Jeffrey Topping

Looking foreword to meeting everyone at The Toledo Club on Friday June 10, 2011. This will be my first event in Toledo and it will be one to remember. Cigars are from Cuban Crafter of Miami and will be enjoyed at the end of the evening.

We will sample our State of Ohio legal brands:

Wild Scotsman Black Label aka the Cigar malt (OH-9606B)
Blend No. 888 (OH-0950B)
Wild Scotsman 12yr Royal Lochnagar Single Cask Single Malt (OH-9607B)
Wild Scotsman 15yr Vatted Malt Scotch Whisky (OH-9605B)
Bunnahabhain 12yr from the Burn Stewart Distillers family of products.

**please visit your local Ohio retailer for a bottle

The Toledo Club
235 14th Street
Toledo, OH 43604
RSVP: (419) 243-2200
Cocktails: 1830/hrs
Tasting: 1900/hrs

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Cliff funka 5pts

I was wondering I have a very large Scotch collection consisting of but not limited to over 45 bottles of cask strengh sincle barrel scotch that I have had for over 14 years. all of the distillers are out of business. I was wondering if there a are any auctions in the USA that would handle somthing like this. Thanks for your time Cliff