Private Label Process

1. Fill out form and let us know what type of Scotch whisky interests you. We can also create signature Vatted Scotch Malts or Blended Scotch whisky. We will contact you and discuss the process before moving to step 2.
2. A retainer of $5000 and a signed confidentiality agreement is required for any cask exploration to begin. This is a fully refundable retainer minus any costs incurred (samples, travel, postage, and etc). This retainer is your commitment to Wild Scotsman of your intent to purchase. All monies will be applied to the purchase, bottling, and packaging of your selection from export from Scotland.
3. Upon FINAL Cask Selection you will be billed for 50% of the total bill minus your retainer. Bulk orders (container) will require a 75% down payment. Custom vatting, blend, and/or special single cask will require 100% deposit.
4. Final payment to be paid in full before cask is sent for bottling. Failure to pay within 30 days of bottling will result in a restocking/storage fee of 10% per week of the total value of shipment. After 90 days client forfeits all rights, claim, and monetary reimbursement to cask, contents and bottles.
5.Label creation and design is totally up to buyer. Wild Scotsman can assist with legal specs, contacts for design work, and print production. Bottling facility can also design and print labels.
6.Private labeling of Scotch Whisky is great for retailers, restaurant/bars, golf clubs, weddings, business gifts, and whisky societies. This is a serious investment which is not intended for buyers looking for a few bottles. A cask can yield 150 to 600 bottles depending on the size and bottling proof.

    All billing is done in Great British Pound (GBP). Wild Scotsman will take payment in USD or other currency and wire money in GBP at the current exchange rate.

    The per bottle costs of each private label project will include whisky, bottling, and packing ready to ship from our warehouse in Scotland. We do not sell casks without bottling. Buyer can arrange there own transportation or use Wild Scotsman Whisky for importation into the USA. Wild Scotsman is not responsible for any fees, taxes or other monetary payments to State, County or City agencies as these are the responsibility of the buyer. Wild Scotsman is not responsible for any fees, taxes or other monetary payments to the local wholesaler/distributor in clearing your product for your location or state. Wild Scotsman is not responsible for any broken, damaged or lost product. It is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange insurance of cargo either through Wild Scotsman or their current insurance provider. Wild Scotsman’s responsibilities end upon successful importation into the United States unless other wise contracted.

    General questions: