The History of Wild Scotsman Whisky

Upon returning I had booked Distillery School instructor, John McDougall, to come and perform in the United States in October of 2002 at the Barrelhouse Brewing Company (location has since moved). I wanted to show everyone else that what I had experienced in Scotland was true. There is more to Scotch Malt Whisky than fancy packaging, ads, and Master’s of nothing reading the company sales pitch. The evening was a huge success for all concerned. America was ready and wanting to learn more about this mysterious category of Scotch Whisky. They wanted to know about the history, the people, the production, casks, bottling, and the drinking.

John and I spent a few days after the show entertaining various people around Cincinnati, Ohio with talks and tasting. The message was loud and clear, America Wants More, and I wanted to be the person to bring it to them. In the parlor room of my Victorian home John and I both sat and discussed the events, the people, and the whisky. I had made an offer to bring in John brands from Scotland and possible others to the USA for distribution. John had made a counter offer of being my mentor and teaching me the trade of Scotch Whisky and by doing so creating my own brand, Wild Scotsman.

There is much..much more to this story, however, that will someday be in a book and not in a web site.


The Wild Scotsman