It seems like yesterday that I stepped onto the train at Glasgow’s Central Station to Barhill. Back pack slung over my right shoulder and a fish supper wrapped in paper in my left hand. The train moved away from the station and with every mile it seemed that I was moving back in time. The buildings became homes, the homes became farmhouses, and the farmhouses became rolling hills as far as the eye could see. My next stop Bladnoch Distillery.

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History of Wild Scotsman Whisky

After my trip to Scotland in 2002 I was more than excited about what I had seen and learned about Scotch Malt Whisky. The time spent at The Bladnoch Distillery was nothing but priceless. If I were better at writing than I am dreaming I could have written a book, however, that would have only given you a piece of the story.

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The Wild Scotsman Staff

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How We Make Our Whisky

As independent bottlers we do not “Distill’ our brands in the traditional sense, if we did than I would be an Independent Distiller and not a Bottler. There is not a Wild Scotsman Distillery (yet), however, one does not need a distillery to create an amazing Vatting, Blend, or Single Cask Bottling. One needs to be part mad scientist, part visionary, and have the patience of Gandhi. A wife who also does not mind a kitchen full of sample bottles helps as well (I promise, I will clean up the mess when I am done).

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