Louis Glunz Fall Show

Had a wonderful evening at the Louis Glunz Wines Fall Show this past Monday. Many thanks to the Glunz Family for supporting our Brands in their portfolio. The following brands were featured for the restaurant, bar, and shop owners of Chicagoland.
John McDougall’s Bladnoch Single Cask 14yr, 16yr, and 18yr (new)
John McDougall’s Vatted Islay 13yr
Wild Scotsman Black Label Vatted Malt (new)
Wild Scotsman 15yr Vatted Scotch Malt
Wild Scotsman Royal Lochnagar 12yr (new)
Wild Scotsman Mortlach 13yr
Wild Scotsman Ben Nevis 13yr
Blend No. 888 Lucky Blend (new)

Off to Cleveland