Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday marked the begining of my favorite time of year, The Christmas Holiday. Yes, I know that Thanksgiving is in November and not December, however, I have always considered the meal a kick off to the big dance or the pre-game show to the Super Bowl of Holidays. Thanksgiving marks the first offical gathering of family accross the United States and for some the first long distance phone calls in months. For the Wild Scotsman family we spent a lovely evening at my parents house enjoying great food, drink, and company. Of course my little lassie stole the show as this was her first Thanksgiving outside the womb. She quite enjoyed mashed potatoes and home made cranberry dressing.

I give thanks to my biggest fans, my family

The Wild Scotsman

Anthony’s Cigar Bar & Grille in West Chester Ohio!

Many thanks to Greg, Cathy, and the staff for having the Wild Scotsman at Anthony’s Cigar Bar & Grille in West Chester, Ohio. I had a great time discussing malting, mashing, fermentation, distilling, casks, and aging with the patrons. We will definatley be having another event in the future for those who missed the event this past Monday. My deepest apologies to those who received the wrong date from my calendar. To be quite honest I have been under the weather for the past week due to the family fighting off the flu and my mind was not its usual razor of sharpness.


The Wild Scotsman

Anthony’s Cigar Bar & Grille in West Chester Ohio!

Anthony’s Cigar Bar & Grille located at 7641 Voice of America Center Dr. West Chester, OH 513.779.3455 will be place to be this comming Monday November 25th. The Wild Scotsman is always excited to have access to a fantastic humidor with an opportunity to enjoy a great cigar amoung new friends. Thanks to Global warming it will be below frezzing that night which makes smoking a cigar outside quite an enjoyable experience.

I will be leading the crowd through the in’s and out’s of Singel Cask, Single Malt, and Vatted Malt Scotch Whisky. We will be tasting:
John McDougall’s Single Cask Bladnoch 15yr
John McDoguall’s Single Cask Bladnoch 16yr
Wild Scotsman’s 15yr Vatted Scotch Malt whisky

Do not miss your chance to meet a real Scotch producer. There are no corporate cue cards in my presentation as I know from doing!

See you there,

The Wild Scotsman

SideBar Tasting Dayton, OHIO

Okay, so you think things are a bit dull in Dayton, Ohio? I beg to differ as the Wild Scotsman is comming to the Sidebar, located at 130 W. Second St., Dayton, across from the Schuster Center parking garage. Call and get your reservation at (937) 938-8694.

We will be tasting the following brands:
John McDougall’s 15yr Single Cask Bladnoch
John McDougall’s 16yr Single Cask Bladnoch
Ardbeg 17yr
Glenfiddich Solera Reserve
Wild Scotsman 15yr Vatted Scotch Malt Whisky

Do not miss your opportunity to meet the only Scotch Whisky producer living in the United States!