Fior d’ Italia Restaurant Tasting San Francisco

Last night we had a fantastic evening of whisky, food, and pesonalities at the famous Fior d’ Italia. The event was a mixture of brands and personalities from High West Distillery, Eades, Alchemist, and Wild Scotsman.

As independants we can do things which would make the big boys uncomfortable, presenting our whisky with comprable brands and quality. All of the brands were un-filtered, un-colored, and produced/bottled by real people with real passion. The real winners for the evening were the consumers who got a chance to peer inside our heads and get an idea of the madness which goes into making great whisky.

Tonight we are at The Grand Pu Bah Restaurant located at:
The Grand Pu Bah Restaurant
88 Division Street
San Francisco, CA 94103-5230

Phone: (415) 255-8188
(415) 255-8199

The Broken Record- San Francisco

Put on your favorite pair of jeans, black boots, and a wild scotsman t-shirt and you are ready to go.  Nothing is better than a bar with great Scotch, Bourbon, and other whisky to make my day.  My wild scotsman whisky bike would have fit right in parked at the front door.  Many thanks to the boys at the Broken Record for having the Wild Scotsman pour some drams this past Tuesday.  If your looking to have a wee bit of Wild Scotsman’s Mortlach or John McDoguall’s Bladnoch then belly up to the bar.

1166 Geneva Ave
(between Edinburgh St & Naples St)
San Francisco, CA 94112

(415) 963-1713