Chicago Land Tour Comes to an End

John and I are resting comfortable at my parents located at Wright Patterson Air force Base, OHIO. We drove from chicago to their house in approx 5 hours on Saturday in time for me to spend some quality time with my daughter.

This past Friday we had a great evening at the Forge Club located outside of Chicago. John and I were the feature leading the club members through 5 scotch whiskies all of which were a part of an individual food dish. This was quite a treat as they flew in Salmon from Scotland which was caught the day before. They have a 700 bottle scotch cellar, which is not listed on the web site. Basically, these bottles are anywhere from 20 to 100 years in age. The labels were all quite interesting especially all of the different “blended whisky” brands most of which I have never seen or heard off.

Many thanks to Dave Soto of Sam’s Wine -Lincoln Park for inviting both John and I to conduct educational seminars to both the public and staff about our brands, the history of Scotch Whisky, and our unique journeys in this industry. We cannot stress enough the importance of being able to meet the consumers one on one and have a very honest conversation about Scotch Whisky without the need for a corporate “cue card” dictating our presentations. In the end “Tasting Is Better Than Telling”!!

Many thanks to all of the shops, restaurants, and bars which opened their doors and their pallet to try our brands and experience ‘old world’ quality bottled and presented by the very people who created the brands. We are very confident that their is a new era not only for scotch whisky but for all brown spirits where the consumer is going to demand more from what is in their bottle and the people who present them.

This week John and I will be working the Ohio market.



Say No! To Blended Malt Scotch!

Below is some information of interest given to me by our friends at Compass Box Whisky
Hello friends,

Pardon the interruption, but I simply want to call your attention to an issue that is very important to our business and to the Scotch whisky industry, and is something you can help us with.

Please help us tell the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) and the UK Government that we think their legislative proposal to force companies such as ours to label our malt whiskies “Blended Malt Scotch Whisky” (instead of simply “Malt Whisky” as we do now) is a bad idea for the industry. If this proposal becomes law, it would cause further confusion for consumers around the world regarding the labelling of Scotch whisky. It would make people think less of artisan-made malt whiskies, such as ours, because we would have to put “blended” on our labels, a term people (wrongly, but nonetheless) perceive to refer to inferior quality products.

It would also force us to redesign and reprint all our labels, and resubmit them to label authorities around the world. Which would be an expensive pain and a waste of time.

This proposal has been widely derided by people across the industry, including whiskymakers, marketers, retailers, distributors and writers, including the late Michael Jackson, all of whom have pointed out that the proposal will do exactly the opposite of what it is intended to do, which is reduce consumer confusion about Scotch whisky. But the SWA have buried their heads in the sand on this issue in order to push through other legislative issues they feel are more important!

I could go on. But instead I’ll point you to a petition on the web that takes less than a minute to sign and which will help us send a message to the SWA and the lawmakers that the “blended malt Scotch whisky” legislation is a bad idea. Just click the link:

Say No! To Blended Malt Scotch Link

Wild Scotsman Spring Tour Begins

This year we are taking a new tact with our events and tours. We will not be attending Whisky Fest, Whisky Live, and other such events in an effort to meet more consumers on the street. These events are nice, however, they typically have the same consumers each year which does not help push our brands. The price points of the events also does not make it easy for most consumers to attend. We are in the business of selling scotch whisky and not filling the pockets of trade magazines who in the end do nothing to help us grow our business but we have helped fill their pockets.

John McDougall and I have arrived in Pittsburgh PA on Saturday so we would not be late for Easter Dinner today! We will be back to working on Monday starting early with Press interviews, sales meetings with several country clubs, and ending with a Charity Tasting event looking to raise over 1 million dollars. John and I are quite honored to be featured at such an event to help raise money for those in need.

Tuesday March 25th we will be driving to Chicago for a series of events with Sam’s Wine. We will have a tasting at Sam’s Lincoln Park at 1900/hrs.

Wednesday March 26th : 1830 to 2000hrs Sam’s Highland Park Cost $10.00

Thursday March 27th: 1700-2000/hrs Cost $30.00

Friday March 28th: Tasting : location TBA (i have misplaced my notes!)

Saturday/Sunday :Dayton, OHIO

Monday March 31- Working Columbus market

Tuesday April 1: Spirits tasting at Heidelberg columbus Office. Event for On/OFf license holders

Wednesday April 2: Dayton Market

Thursday April 3: Spirits Tasting at Heidelberg Dayton Office. Event for On/Off License holders

Friday April 4th: Cincinnati, Market. Dinner at the Pollo Grille. We are not having an official tasting but we are more than happy to talk scotch if you find us there.

In Memory of Patrick Jacobson

At the young age of 15 my nephew, Patrick Jacobson, was killed in a senseless car crash on Tuesday March 4, 2008. Having held this young man in my arms since he was a wee lad in nappies this is not an occasion which will be forgotten. No parent should loose a child and no uncle should lose a good nephew way before his time. I had been filled with sorrow, hate, and questioned the grace of God, however, in then end it was not God’s choice to make as we all choose the lives we live. Choosing life is not going through the motions of living, but actually taking the time to live. Patrick made the choice to live his life by not letting it pass him by. Never settling for sitting in the back seat when he could lead from the front. Never letting the word “can’t” get in his way of his passions, desires, and aspirations. A son, nephew, grandson, brother,and friend are just a few of the hats this young man wore all in a day. He will be missed and never forgotten as I will always take the time to watch a sunset, hold my child, and never let “can’t get in my way” of my aspirations.

Your Uncle Jeff

ENON – A teenager who was killed in a two-vehicle accident in Enon Tuesday, March 4, has been identified as Patrick Jacobson, 15, of 29 W. Hunter Road. He was a passenger in a car driven by Austin R. Wickliffe, 16, of 120 Maricopa Circle.

Wickliffe was eastbound on Rebert Pike around 6:20 p.m. Tuesday when his car was struck by another vehicle turning left onto Rebert Pike from Fowler Road, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

That car was driven by Margaret A. Rohani, 71, of 2680 Cedarbrook Way, Beavercreek.

Christopher R. Pennington, 15, of 4611 Blough Dr., who was a passenger in Wickliffe’s car, suffered non life-threatening injuries. Pennington was taken to Springfield Regional Medical Center, Fountain Avenue campus.

Another other passenger in Wickliffe’s vehicle was not hurt.

Rohani and three passengers in her car also weren’t injured.

The crash remains under investigation by the Ohio Highway Patrol.

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