Wild Scotsman in Bourbon Country

There are mass riots, cars being burned and cats and dogs sleeping together…well maybe not. Being a Scotch Whisky producer and bottler I might as well be on the moon in bourbon country. Every store is jam packed with more bourbon than most can imagine. I feel like an Ohio State Football player looking for friends in Michigan on game day, but being a Wild Scotsman means there is a bit of, “who cares and let’s get to selling”.

For those shop and restaurant owners looking for Scotch that will “WOW” the mass of bourbon drinkers I have exactly what they need. Unlike the Scotch industry I find the “Bourbon presentation” to celebrate the deep history of those who made the brands and their families who have continued the tradition than how great one’s executives are. Let’s face it there are not many distilleries’s owned by huge conglomerates which celebrate the people over the still. Just look at any trade show and you can swing a cat and hit a stiff shirt in any direction. With that said, walking in the stores and presenting things on a personal level go a long way with people who want to look you in the eye when they talk business. I got a few placements in stores which carry nothing but basic blended Scotch which made me feel quite proud to know that they considered my brands the same but different when we compared them to their prized bourbons and worthy of their shelves.

I am by no means Arthur Bell with his “green jacket” minions or Mr. Dewar traveling the world to get people to drink Scotch but I like to think I am acting in the same spirit of adventure.

If you are in Lexington stop by DeShae’s or The Pub-Lexington and have a dram of Wild Scotsman and John McDougall. If your travels send you to Louisville than stop by The Pub-4th Street Live and have a dram.


Glunz Wine Show

There was no sleep for the Scotsman after attending the Ligonier Highland games.  It was back to Cincinnati (about 6 hours) towing the Haggis Hammer back to Cinn City Choppers.  Had a quick bite to eat and I was off to Chicago for the annual Louis Glunz Fall Wine Show.

This was the first time anyone had tried the new Wild Scotsman Mortlach Single Cask, John McDougall’s Blended Islay Malt, and John McDougall’s 16yr old Bladnoch. The crowd was stunned by the quality of the brands when compared to the run of the mill single malts available in the market place. I think for some it was hard for them to get there head around how “single Cask” Scotch Malt whisky could be so delicious, delicate, and aromatic. The blended Islay vat was pure majic for those who were looking for more than the average peat. If the show were a few hours longer I would have still had a packed booth.

The evening after the show was a much needed break at “10 pin” bowling alley and bar next to the house of blues. I got up early the next day and headed back to Cincinnati and not a moment too soon. Nothing like getting knocked off of ones feat by a very deadly flu and head cold. It is only now that I am fit enough to travel and not a moments too soon.

I am heading off to NYC for the Opici Wine show at Tavern on the Green, however, the flight does not take off for a few more min.

If you are in Manhattan you just might find me sitting at St. Andrews Pub near Times Square on Monday having a Pint.


The Wild Scotsman

Ligonier Games 2007

Haggis HammerHad another sucessful event at the Ligonier Highland Games in PA this past Sept 8th weekend. It was such a tough weekend that it has actually taken me this long to report! I arrived in the Mountains of PA around 2300/hrs on the 7th only to be up again at 0500/hrs to get set up. We had a larger booth than usuall considering we had the “Haggis Hammer” motorcycle as part of the show.

We were working hard open to close at the show. I had a whisky tasting from 12 to 3pm and poured just shy of 1000 drams! I had to get loaded quickly as I was the feature at the nights festivities as well.

Many thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and hope to see you all next year.

They F’you in the drive thru!

That is a classic movie line from Lethal Weapon by one “Leo Getts” and I am living it today. I am supposed to be on the road for PA in less than 12 hours and nothing seems to be going right. I have a DHL shipment of product samples for the new Wild Scotsman and John McDougall bottling which seems to be getting snagged at every stop with one problem or another. I would go into the maze of paper work, however, I might just need to punch myself to stop babbling. I may get relief by around midnight; however, I will still need to get the product before the truck leaves early in the morning. Next big issue is the fate of my new marketing material for the PA shows this weekend as well as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival(s). It seems Delta Cargo has LOST my shipment!!!! How can two 70 lbs boxes get lost? Their computers showed it was on the plane but there is nothing on the plane. No wonder Delta is going bankrupt! They cannot even track a package. Thank God I decided to start flying Continental or they may send me to Guam instead of Scotland.

On the plus side I rented an awsome cargo van to load up the Wild Scotsman Chopper for the Highland Games. If you see a wild, hairy, and kilted man roaring down the road in the Laruel Highlands its just little old me.


The Wild Scotsman