Glenfarclas Tasting Cincinnati, OH July 27, 2007

Wild Scotchmen Whisky Society Welcomes George Grant from Glenfarclas.

This comming Friday July 27, 2007 I am excited to announce that we will have young George Grant from Glenfarclas Distillery here in Cincinanti, OH. George will be talking about his family distillery and the brands that they produce. Click on the highlighted heading above for more details. We will sell out so please register now.


The Wild Scotsman

Wild Scotsman Mini’s

No, there is not a Wild Scotsman BMW Mini Cooper…something better! Wild Scotsman 50ml (5cl) bottles in the United States for the Holiday Season. I have just approved the artwork today for the labels and we should be going to production within two weeks. It would be sooner, however, I must wait for all of the government red tape to approve the label design.Wild Scotsman Mini

You will notice the naughty word on the label, “Blended Malt”. Many of those who have heard me speak at shows, tasting, radio, and TV know that I do not believe in all the BS which surrounds changing both “Vatted” and “Pure” Malt to “Blended Malt”. One company miss lead the world by changing there Single Malt to a Pure Malt and they tried to pass off the blame on the word and not the fact that they barely changed there label and tried to pass it off as a Single Malt. If they really wanted truth in labeling than maybe we should start using, “Single Blended Malt”. They will not as this really de-value’s the category just like it de-value’s products that are Vatted/Pure Malts. Do not bother asking there corporate talking heads that travel the USA about this situation. You will get more double talk than the politicians trying to explain how millions of dollars for asparagus farming found its way into the defense-funding bill.

Plan on seeing the Mini bottles in KY, IL (not in chicago (illegal)), PA, and CA. May be adding NY and NJ soon, however, still need to find out if its legal and where.


The Wild Scotsman

Box Destilleri – Sweden

I just got back from an exhasting, yet invigorating weekend in the northern part of Sweden.
In my capacity as an independent and international whisky consultant I have been retained by the consortium who propose to build this distillery.

It is fair to say that their vision is immense and potentially has far reaching positive consquences for the isolted community in which the site for this proposed project is situated.

There is absolutely no good reason why top quality malt whisky cannot be produced in one of the worlds last great natural wildernesses given the climate’s ability to dress the entire area and much more beyond in snow and ice for most of 6 months each year. Cool water makes for great whisky distillations and therefore for most of the year the climate and temperatures are ideal for the pursuit of perfection so far as whisky distillation is concerned.

We held a whisky festival for potential investors and other interested parties over two days last week end, and I was amazed to see hundreds of people show up as if by magic in an area whic is pretty remote.

Anyway I feel that we are on the right track and that all the indicators are for this project to be a success.

More later.

Sir John

Glasgow Airport Car Bomb

My deepest sympathies to those injured at the Glasgow Airport. Again, another cowardly act performed by Islamic Fundamentalists against the modern world. As a citizen of the world I find it difficult to understand how the alleged followers of the “religion of peace” could tolerate these acts and continue to support them. Where are the marches, candle light vigils, and protests by the followers of Islam against those who use their religion as a shield for hate? If my church or faith declared death to all those who are not believers I would be kicking down the church doors and removing the speakers of hate, however, such actions are not being taken in the Islamic world.

This is the 21st century and as a global society one needs to realize that people are not ruled by solely by religion. The laws of modern society trump all beliefs. If people from any group do not wish to grow and adapt to be a peaceful citizen of a modern society than they need to leave and go back to were ever their beliefs are accepted as the norm. This is not hateful this is reality.

Having lived in Turkey for some years my family had to alter its beliefs in order to function in that society. We did not become less of what we are; however, we did have to realize that this country was not going to honor our Christian beliefs or our Western Culture just because we are there. We needed to learn what was acceptable in the public forum and understand that it is not their job to change; it’s their country!

The Wild Scotsman