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Posted Jun 19, 2009 by The Wild Scotsman

Tramadol Cheapest Online

Jeff & John Bottle Pose

Today, the worlds only Master Distiller and Master Blender of Scotch Whisky, John McDougall, launched this new web site, Tramadol Purchase Canada. In my opinion there is not much of anything John does not know about Scotch Whisky having distilled in every region of Scotland, worked both for big company and small company brands, lead consultant on several new distilling projects, and being an independant bottler.

Hope to see you there in the forum,

The Wild Scotsman

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  1. […] who travelled to Scotland to learn about whisky making, somehow got in tight with Master Distiller John McDougall, and then started his own whisky company. How’s THAT for an exciting way to live the American […]