Hot For Teacher

Posted Dec 5, 2008 by The Wild Scotsman

Hot For Teacher
written for Cincinnati Gentleman Magazine
by Jeffrey Topping

I just wrapped up spending several days reviewing Absinthe for my 2009 spirits review for Cincinnati Gentleman (CG). It is time to get back into reality with a wee bit of Scotch Whisky. Below is the spot I did for Teachers Blended Scotch Whisky in a past issue of CG:

Every boys dream can become a few mens reality this football season. While you were finding your lucky boxers, remembering the steps to your new winners dance, or just applying more body paint and make up than a circus clown I was having a wee dram with my Teacher. I met her first in Notre Damn as the Buckeyes were marching the pigskin down the field. My 5th row in-zone seats were beginning to brighten up with this Teacher in my hands. She had incredible legs, golden complexion, and a subtle sweet butterscotch and smokey taste. At only 36 she was more than I could imagine. No, not 36 years but rather 36 months! Yes, my fair weather fan this Teacher is no person but a 178yr old Scottish brand produced in Glasgow, Scotland. There is no room for Scotch snobbery as this blend is produced with no less than 30 single malt casks and boasts a malt content of 45% at 86 proof! William Teacher may have started his brand in his wife’s Grocery store but his vision and his brand now sells over 1.5 million cases in 100 countries.

Ahh..I can smell that familiar aroma of pigskin in the air it must be football season.

Teachers Highland Cream

Teacher's Highland Cream