The State of Scotch a 2011 Year end Review

Posted Jan 1, 2012 The Wild Scotsman

I am pleased to announce that according to the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) latest news bulletin, NEW CHAIRMAN FOR SCOTCH WHISKY ASSOCIATION AS EXPORTS BREAK RECORDS posted in December of 2012 that Scotch whisky is, “earning £125 every second for the UK balance of payments. The value of exports over the nine month period totalled almost £3billion – an increase of 23% on the same period of 2010.” The United States led the way with £430.7m in export value and France led consumption (USA 2nd)with 39,409,542 Liters of Pure Alcohol (LPA) exported.

The down side for 2011 was the ruthless and uneducated attack on Scottish Whisky Heritage and Tradition with the full ban of the historical terms “VATTED and PURE” to describe the blending of either Single Malt or Single Grain Scotch whisky from different distilleries. Now we must use the term “BLENDED Malt Scotch whisky” or “BLENDED Grain Scotch Whisky”. If being “accurate” in describing the contents of a bottle was truly at the heart of the issue the SWA would have fully demanded the the term “SINGLE MALT and SINGLE GRAIN” be accurately changed to “Single Blended Malt and “Single Blended Grain” as ALL Single are BLENDS unless they are only bottled out of one (1) cask with the cask number duly noted on the bottle.

We here at Wild Scotsman have taken a few steps backwards over the past few years due to the ailing economy but we have been working on expanding into our new direction of providing top quality privately labeled Scotch Whisky for both “on/off” premise license holders in the USA. With every adversity there is always an opportunity if one can look and work out side the box. For us 2012 is bringing new opportunities with our Private Label Scotch Whisky, Wild Scotsman Scotch Whisky, and whisky related talks and tastings.

New Brands arriving in January 2012!

  • Wild Scotsman Single Cask Series Bottlings:

  • 21yr North Islay is aged exclusively in a Sherry Butt (sorry cannot name this distillery) bottled at 50% alc/vol, no added colour, no chill filtration.

    38yr Bunnahabhain bottled at 51% alc/vol, no added colour, no chill filtration

    From our Family to yours

    Happy New Year!

    Who's behind your brand?

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    Private Label Scotch Whisky- Take Your Bar To the Next Level

    Posted May 24, 2009 The Wild Scotsman

    Private Label Scotch Whisky- Take Your Bar To the Next Level
    by Jeffrey Topping

    Fall is fast approaching which means time is running out for most owners to set there establishment apart from the rest. They have personally tried hundreds of wines and have hand selected brands which complient their style, clientele and atmosphere. A mixed bag of small house wineries from the USA and abroad, but definatley nothing which could have been bought at the local store. The Chef has hand crafted a menu which is second to none and could never come out of a frozen box. Usually, this was enough for most owners and they leave the alcohol to “whom ever”. What is there to think about? They need a few brands found in any magazine or one that invited them to a tasting presented by someone who remembered a few lines off of a cue card. Not Anymore!”

    Wild Scotsman Whisky can take your Establishment to the Next Level. The bar set so high your competition will probably not even try to step up. Anyone can have a bottle of Scotch Whisky on the shelf, however, not many can have their own brand. We are not talking about a “meaningless sticker” placed on the side of a bottle as an after thought, but your own custom designed label..

    After being contacted we will discuss your needs and work out a proposal that can fit into your budget and we will only bottle what we would proudly label under our brands. We can deliever the following:

      Single Cask Single Malt Scotch
      Single Malt Scotch
      Vatted Malt Scotch
      Blended Scotch
      Single Cask Aged Rum
      Single Cask Aged Gin


    The Wild Scotsman


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