John McDougall’s Islay

Type: Vatted or Blended Malt
Age: 13 yrs
Proof: 54.7 % alc/vol or 109.4 US Proof
Coloring: Natural
Chill Filtered: No
Region: Islay


John McDougall's 13yr Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

brand in limited distribution in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Northern KY! There is not a tasting note which would make this brand appealing to the average Scotch Drinker, however, for those Peat Freaks I will give it a try. Imagine yourself sitting in a smokehouse with a running out board motor boat engine and you just might get the idea that this is the smokiest Scotch Whisky on the market today and it’s CASK STRENGTH!