John McDougall’s 16yr Bladnoch

Type: Single Cask Malt
Age: 16 yrs
Proof: 55.8% or 111.6 US
Coloring Natural
Chill Filtered: No
Cask: Ex-Bourbon

John McDougall's 16yr Single Cask Single MaltBladnoch Scotch Whisky

This is a brand new release of Bladnoch from John McDougall. Product has new label, bottle, and age statement with 100% the quality of all previous bottlings

-This Single Cask-Single Malt Scotch is the essence of ONLY 1 CASK from the Bladnoch Distillery in the Lowlands of Scotland. No two single casks ever taste exactly the same, which is why all Single Malts are Vatted unless they are Single Cask malts.
-These Single Casks are Chosen by independent bottler and Master Distiller/Blender John McDougall in the warehouses at the Bladnoch Distillery. All casks are approved by Distillery Owner, Raymond Armstrong.
-This bottling is the ONLY Distillery approved bottling of Bladnoch sold in the USA.