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John McDougall and Jeff Topping are The Wild Scotchmen . Both independent bottlers with individual tastes, life experiences, and passions for Scotch Whisky brought together under one banner and one philosophy:


The Wild Scotsblog

Jeff Topping, Wild ScotsmanThe Man Behind the Madness, Jeff Topping, has done what most people only dream about in creating the Wild Scotsman Brand. You’re not going to find the secret recipe for Wild Scotsman; however, you may just learn what makes him tick.
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John McDougall Blog

John McDougallWith 49 plus years in the Scotch Whisky Industry, John McDougall, has no need for titles. He can forget in one day more than most people will ever know about Scotch Whisky in a lifetime. Stop by his web site and blog with the link below and you just might learn something never printed in a book or posted on a cue card.
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