How We Make Our Whisky

All of our brands are bottled at Cumbrae Supply Company in Linwood, Scotland. Cumbrae is known for bottling the smallest bottle of Scotch Whisky in the World. If you plan to stop by and see the magic happen you better call ahead. Visitors are not expected at the drop of the bottle.

Typically, I produce what is called a “Vatted Malt” Scotch whisky which is also known as Pure Malt or Blended Malt. All Single Malt and Vatted Malt Scotch whisky are BLENDS of CASKS from a variety of ages and cask types. “Single” just refers to the fact that all the casks used come from a “Single Distillery”. A “Vat” is a vessel in which the casks are blended. Since we do not use the term “Single” the consumer can assume that the casks come from different Distilleries in Scotland. Unlike their Single Malt cousins, Vatted malts tend to be more complex in nose, finish, and taste due to the blender having a greater variety of flavor profiles to choose from. Typically, the nose, taste and finish are all unique and different

In addition to my Vatted Malt Scotch Whisky I bottle a variety of Single Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky. This is the highest “production quality” a consumer can buy short of having the actual cask. My reasons for choosing a cask for bottling has less to do with the distillery or age but rather its unique nose, taste,and finish characteristics. Every single cask of Scotch Whisky tastes different which is why they are blended to make Single and Vatted Malt Scotch Whisky. Single Cask bottling’s allow me to introduce the consumer to some of the flavors I enjoy when producing my Vatted Malts. On some occasions I will bottle a 3/4 cask, 1/2 cask, or 1/4 of a cask. The quantity bottled depends on how much of the cask is used in my vatted malt.